I Want to be A Physical Therapist!

“That’s it, I want to be a physical therapist,” was the first thing I thought after watching the movie

Regarding Henry, starring Harrison Ford and Annette Bening. The movie was released way back in 1991 but every now and again I think back to that moment and wonder if I missed my calling 🤔.

In the film there is a character named Bradley, he was a physical therapist that supported the character Henry in his rehabilitation after he was shot in the head during a corner store robbery gone wrong. I won’t share the rest of the movie, but I could relate to Bradley's character in so many ways. His sense of humor, the way he could relate to Henry, and how his practical methods were able to push Henry out of his comfort zone. Bradley was able to get the non-verbal, depressed, and barely able to walk Henry into a fully-functional adult able to go back home to his family.

The other day I started to think about Bradley, I started to think about the job of a physical therapist and how it all correlates to my natural God-giving gifts. I started to think about our similarities, my ability to see problem areas and find solutions to those problems. I started to think about my career and why I hated working for companies that loved to band-aid situations rather than fixing the problems. I started to meditate upon my ability to see the broken, but also see past the brokenness. And why I grew restless with my past work environments after the problem areas were fixed. I realized I became bored with the environment because I had nothing to do.

It all got me thinking about what I do now with Being Eve. I know why I love what I do so much. In essence, I am Bradley, but my focus isn’t broken bones, it is broken hearts, broken identity, brokenness in spirit, and broken relationships with God. Unlike Bradley, I rehabilitate the hearts of women back to God, so they can begin to be the women God created them to be. Women who are able to see themselves from God’s point of view, never turning back and wondering if they are enough, but knowing that they are truly made in His image and likeness. They live it, they breathe it, and most importantly they walk in it.

Regarding Henry, is probably one of my favorite films for a number of reasons, not only because it opened my eyes to Bradley, but because of the overall story of how a family was completely restored through a tragic incident. My family went through something similar, it wasn’t a gun-shot wound to the head, but it definitely was a life-changing moment that forced us to take a deep look at ourselves and change. The changes we made allowed restoration in our family that gave birth to Being Eve.

Sometimes we think challenges and/or tragedies are assaults meant to destroy us completely, but if we let God into the situation, I promise, He is able to take that tragedy and turn it into a great reset we didn’t know we needed.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to watch the film Regarding Henry, I encourage you to do so. You will not regret it.

Do you have any films you’ve watched that changed your life or made you think about your purpose? Share and leave a comment!

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