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About the Podcast

Being Eve is a Podcast designed for the everyday woman who seeks to do more than survive, she wants to thrive! Our goal is to inspire you as you find commonalities within the lives of everyday women who share their stories on God, life, love, purpose, and everything else in between. Join us as we celebrate the authenticity of our womanhood in sisterhood!


"The greatest gift a woman can give herself is to live life through God's point of view!"

Casey Alexis, Being Eve Host


My Bio

Casey Alexis wears several hats, but the most important ones to date are that of a wife and a mother. She shares all of that and more on her podcast entitled Being Eve. A women-centered, digital gathering spot focused on encouraging, inspiring and empowering women to live a life that goes well beyond survival, a life that thrives through God's point of view.

Casey is a successful businesswoman in the focal areas of Human Resources & Project Management. She is also an avid reader and storyteller. She believes that one of the greatest gifts we can give to one another is the sharing of our story. Casey, often says, "there is power in storytelling." That power ignited in her the release of her first book entitled, The Moral Code in 2015; to the podcast Being Eve, released in 2019; to now her soon to be released 2nd book, Being Eve in an Adam's World.

The power of storytelling has propelled Casey into her purpose without fear! She has been called to speak life to the dry and arid places where our dreams and hopes have been deferred for far too long. She has no intentions of stopping until every woman knows the freedom that comes with knowing who they are. Women of value, fearfully and wonderfully made, intricately designed and made for more!

Time is TBD
Painting with a Twist
Time is TBD
Painting with a Twist, 2140 Peachtree Road NW, Suite 305, Atlanta, GA 30309, USA
Celebrate Women's History Month by Painting with A Twist🎨! Come ready to connect with amazing women, have fun, enjoy drinks, refreshments, and of course, be ready to paint! Light Refreshments and Beverages will be provided courtesy of Being Eve. PASSCODE TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT: BEING EVE

Growth in Sisterhood

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