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Our Founder

Hey there, sister-friend! Welcome to the revitalized Being Eve digital gathering spot. I'm Casey Alexis, a woman who has discovered her identity through God's point of view. This may resonate as a straightforward introduction, but for me, it captures the pinnacle of self-awareness in Christ.

Diving a bit deeper: my life is crowned with several titles, but the dearest roles I cherish the most are those of a mother, daughter, sister, and friend. These narratives and countless more unfold on the Being Eve podcast, where I not only share my heart but also engage with incredible women, recounting their transformative journeys from trials to triumphs.

Professionally, I stand proud as a diligent businesswoman, having enriched two decades in Human Resources and Project Management. Further expanding my love for words, I'm also a faith-based author. Through works like "The Moral Code" and the compelling "Being Eve in Adam's World", I aim to guide readers through a revelatory journey through biblical truths.

At my core, the storyteller within pushes me to embrace my purpose with unwavering passion. I am on a mission – speaking life into dormant dreams and combating spiritual fatigue. My assignment will not rest until every woman uncovers her liberating truth: realizing her inherent worth in Christ, meticulously crafted, and destined for greatness!

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