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Selah Prayer Retreat

The Movement

Our Mission: Winning back the hearts of God's daughters.

Our Vision: For every woman to discover and embrace her true divine identity, and to live that truth unapologetically.


The Genesis of Being Eve

In a world that constantly shifts its standards, I, Casey Alexis, found myself at a crossroads, grappling with the complexities of womanhood, motherhood, and marriage. My life's narrative seemed to starkly contrast the promises of abundance and joy. It felt more like navigating through a never-ending ghetto than the promised land of flourishing womanhood.

It was during this tumultuous phase that a spark ignited, beckoning me towards a journey of rediscovery - to delve deep into the essence of the very first woman, Eve, chronicled in the book of Genesis.

Eve's narrative, although short in the Bible, is profound and resonates deeply with the universal experiences of women across ages. Have you ever felt the sting of betrayal or the weight of rejection? Have you navigated through the maze of relationships or grappled with doubt? If yes, then you, dear sister, walk a path more aligned with Eve than you might realize.

Here at "Being Eve", we don't just recount a biblical HIStory. We embark on an intimate journey, tracing Eve's steps, and unveiling the myriad emotions, choices, and lessons that mirror the mosaic of every woman's life. Each chapter in Eve's story illuminates a facet of life, offering 'Lessons from Eve' that serve as guiding beacons for thriving in today's world.

As a woman of faith, my pursuit in penning down this narrative and creating a global hub for women was not just to retell a familiar biblical tale. Instead, it was to create a movement that resonates and speaks to every woman who has ever questioned her worth or purpose. Drawing inspiration from my debut, "The Moral Code", and "Being Eve in Adam's World", I seek to fully live out the great commission by sharing the rich tapestry of a woman's purpose, viewed through God's lens, starting with the woman at the heart of creation.

Join us on this transformative journey and rediscover yourself, just as I did, through the life and lessons of Eve.

With love and faith,
Casey Alexis

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