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The Emerge Mentorship Program

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The Movement

Our mission is simple yet profound: Winning back the hearts of God's daughters. And our vision? For every woman to discover and embrace her true KINGDOM identity, and live it FREELY. 

The Genesis of Being Eve

My own path, marked by challenges, taught me that true confidence and self-esteem are found in understanding our identity in Christ. This discovery reshaped my life and ignited my passion to ignite others. But I wasn't always this way. 

The journey started with the story of Eve, despite it being so brief, her story is filled with lessons that resonate with us today. My encounter with Eve's story led me to a crossroads, pulling me into a deep dive of womanhood through God's eyes. "Being Eve" is more than retelling a biblical story; it's about connecting with every woman who has ever doubted her worth or purpose.

With my background in History, Business Administration, and years in Human Resources and Project Management, I've woven my academic and professional experiences with my spiritual calling. My books, "The Moral Code," "Being Eve in Adam's World," and the "Being Eve" podcast are my ways of exploring and sharing the spiritual journey of finding one’s identity and purpose.

The Being Eve Prayer Room is where we gather every Thursday night for prophetic teaching and prayer, building a community empowered by faith. And now, I'm taking a step further with the upcoming Emerge Mentorship Program, a vision born from my life’s work, aiming to lead individuals through a transformative journey toward personal and spiritual growth, deeply rooted in Biblical teachings.

Join me on this transformative journey. Through the prayer room, my books, podcasts, mentorship programs, and faith-based gatherings, let's discover our true identities and purposes together. It's time to stand confidently in our faith, navigating life with resilience and grace.

Connect with us, and take the first step towards an empowered and grace-filled life.

With love and faith,
Casey Zephirin

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