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Stop the Trauma 🛑⛔

I don’t know who needs to hear this today, but trauma not dealt with, will become trauma passed on! I was sitting here thinking how the world tries to normalize everything but a life set free, healed and delivered!

There was no one that Jesus met during His time here on earth that stayed in the same condition He met them in. Each person had an encounter and there lives were forever changed. The blind could see, the deaf could hear, the paralytic could walk, the dead were raised, and demons trembled at His feet. And it didn’t just end with them, they told people what He did, the more they told the more people He encountered, and the more lives were changed.

Don’t allow anyone to fool you into thinking that’s it okay to live in a defeated condition. Freedom takes work, but the freedom is yours to have! It also creates a lasting legacy for your children and their children knowing that they too can overcome because they watched you do it.

Lastly, share your testimony! Don’t allow shame to silence the power of God displayed in your life. People need to hear how you overcame depression, anxiety, fear, loneliness, pride, greed, drugs, ALL forms of sexual immorality, and the list goes on. If God did it, share it! Your story can save a life! He didn’t save you to hide your light under a blanket of shame. He saved you so you can testify of His great work and empower another’s deliverance.

God is still a miracle worker but how will the world know if the Church is just as sick or worse yet, the church is silent?!?!

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